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Director – Center for Arts & Social Change

Donald Russell

Director of the Center for Arts & Social Change – Donald Russell

Provisions was founded nearly 10 years ago by Don Russell, Executive Director of the Center, and Gaylord Neely, president of the Gaea Foundation. The center offers exhibitions, public art, residencies, screenings, workshops, lectures and publications. Provisions also builds partnerships and collaborations with artistic, educational and philanthropic organizations.

An opportunity to partner with Mason presented itself several years ago when Winant and Tom Ashcraft, associate professor of sculpture, began discussing ways to boost the curriculum of Mason’s arts programs. They reached out to Russell, who was already a fixture in the Washington, D.C. art scene. At the time, Russell, who is now part of Mason’s Research Faculty, was exploring ways to embed Provisions into an educational institution.

Don Russell is one of Youth Outreach Services Advisers who is advising and networking with us to bring about Social Changes through the Arts.

Ondra Berry

Sports Adviser – Ondra Berry

My name is Ondra Berry, and I am a former professional athlete, who graduated from the University of St. Mary with a BA in Criminology. I now currently run a premier sports/entertainment management company by the name of One Dream Zero Distraction LLC, which was created in 2012. One Dream is based out of Reno Nevada, and has expanded to the Mid west and East coast. We specialize in client management, sports, and entertainment, but brand marketing as well. Aside from the many elite athletes under our banner, we have numerous connections in the sports and entertainment world. One Dream sets itself apart from its competition by promoting our clients on a scale that is immeasurable, and take personal interest and pride in the view of each athlete’s and artist’s life and career. One Dream gets involved in every aspect of our client’s life, in and out of the spotlight, on and off the field. We go as far as to make sure our clients have all the tools to succeed, and keep skill levels up where they need to be. We help promote our clients and work on sponsorships and keep close contact with people of interest and organizations. We put on events to give our clients the exposure needed to surpass the competition.

One Dream is also very involved in the community and giving back. We have raised funds for various charitable organizations through our One Dream, One Community program, and own a minor league football team in the Nevada area that helps athletes get to college. My newest venture is with YOS, where I plan to be the Director of sports and fitness. I have confidence that through Ms. Charity’s plan and my expertise in sports and fitness, that this program will be a complete success. I am also willing to donate my salary from YOS to help in any way I can to make this program a success. I plan to share some rough estimate numbers with Ms. Charity based off a 3-5 year plan as well, strictly based off programs and classes that we will be offering through the YOS Sports and Fitness division.