Job Training

Youth Outreach Services’ Job Training Program

Upon successful completion of the 12 Week Job Readiness Program, students will have the opportunity to enroll in our Job Training Program; where they will receive hands-on job training within the vocations of the incubator businesses located within the Nontraditional Career Center. Enrollment in the Job Training Program is not mandatory, as students shall be properly prepared for employment in other fields or to further their education.

Students will choose a vocation from which to receive their Job Training upon enrollment. The incubator businesses will be headed by an aspiring entrepreneur, Department Manager, with the desire to launch a business in the vocational area, who lacks the financial and human capital and experience to begin. The Department Manager is responsible for the training of the students and daily operations of the business, as if it were their own, gaining the experience necessary to launch their own business once their employment term has ended.

The Department Manager of each incubator business will interview each student to determine what their goals are for the vocation that they have chosen. The length of each Job Training Track is to be determined by the curriculum maintained by each Department Manager, in order to comply with Virginia State requirements for professional licensing of individuals in a few of the vocations.

  • Automobile Servicing & Small Engine Repair

  • Auto Detailing

  • Barbering & Cosmetology

  • Culinary Arts & Catering

  • General Contracting

  • Landscaping

In addition to vocational training, students will also receive valuable experience and training in – sales and marketing, retail and office administration.

During their enrollment in the Job Training Program, students will receive a stipend which can be used towards the purchase of licensing study materials, personal tools of the trade and other education-related fees and expenses.