Job Readiness

Youth Outreach Services’ 12 Week Job Readiness Mentor Program

The Youth Outreach Services Job Readiness Mentor Program provides 36 hours of in-person instruction and mentorship. Upon successful completion of the Job Readiness Mentor Program, students will be prepared to transition to the Nontraditional Career Center, to participate in the Job Training Mentor Program or Entrepreneurship Training Program.

Our Job Readiness Mentor Program serves to guide each participant to self-actualization through our 3 Keys to SuccessSelf-Improvement, Employability and Personal Accountability.

  • Self-Improvement (Weeks 1 through 5)

Group discussion will be used as a platform which will enable students to express themselves in an open forum, free from judgment. This will be followed by individualized counseling, where students will be provided with an opportunity to speak with a licensed psychologist who will further assist the student in overcoming any emotional or psychological issue that he or she faces.

  • Employability (Weeks 5 through 10)

Students will learn the value of working and what it means to be a productive member of society. Students will take an assessment which will assist them in determining a satisfying career path. Students will also learn how to fill out employment applications, what employers and/or recruiters look for in potential candidates, how to determine if they are the right fit for a job by assessing job announcements, and how to write a resume. To make practical use of this training, students will be required to participate in mock interviews with our volunteer Professional Business Mentors. Our Professional Business Mentors will hold mock interviews with the students and provide constructive criticism and positive guidance which will enable the students to hold a successful interview in the real world.

  • Personal Accountability (Weeks 5 through 12)

Students will learn how to manage their personal finances. Students will be taught the purpose of checking and savings accounts. Students will also learn how to balance their account and checkbook to avoid overdraft. Students will get a brief overview of interest rates while learning about savings accounts, stocks, retirement accounts and other investments.  Students will be able to apply this knowledge, by participating in an educational game show called “Teens and Finances”.

During the final week of the program, students will have an opportunity to discuss legal issues and the Virginia State law with law enforcement officers, judges and attorneys. Youth Outreach Services will implement the Virginia Rules program, Teens Learn and Live the Law. These segments will be taped for an educational television program called “Teens & the Law”.