What We Do

Youth Outreach Services

Youth Outreach Services trains youth to become future business owners. Our services – available to local high school and middle school students – include on-the-job training, job readiness, and after school programs. Youth Outreach Services (YOS) is excited and looking forward to your participating in YOS 12 week job readiness mentor program that will help provide job training and business development to at-risk youth and teenagers, including the population involving those transitioning from Juvenile Detention Center. Youth Outreach Services has been around for 20 years in the Richmond, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia areas. We have a lot of experience with assisting at-risk youth and teenagers and redirecting their behavior, placing them on the right path.

Youth Corporation, Inc.

Youth Corporation, Inc is a profitable stock-holding company that provides advertisement to businesses partnering with Youth Outreach Services for the Business Mentoring Program. Through our television program, RETV (Reality Education Television), Youth Corporation, Inc provides television programming. Youth Corporation, Inc will also be responsible for operating the book store and Coffee Café in the Youth Outreach Services’ Career Center.

Youth Corporation, Inc is providing an investment plan for the students participating in Youth Outreach Services 12 week Job Readiness Mentoring Program. Our investments and savings plan is called the Building Block Program. Corporations and their mentors will have the opportunity to match the students’ contributions to the investments and savings accounts within the Building Block Program. Younger students, with parental guidance, will have the opportunity to open up a saving account and save for the following reasons:

  • To further their education
  • To purchase a car
  • To help the family in emergency
  • To have down-payment for a house
  • To eventually invest in the stock market
  • To start their own business