Empowerment for Employment Team

Youth Outreach Services is seeking a staff  of people and mentors who are very passionate about their careers and their purposes in life.  Their goals are to  empower our youth with Passion, Power,  Purpose, Pride, and Professionalism.

Life Coach and Trainer

Diane Kern, Ph.D., Life Coach and Trainer

A passion for promoting mental wellness and reducing stress in various life situations has led to Dr. Kern’s development of her “Happy and Healthy U” series of workshops. These lively, informative and interactive forums emphasize personal empowerment and emotional wellbeing through increasing self-awareness and imparting information and tools to make positive growth and change.


Reston 2 picture

Reston Bell, PhD , Psychology

She serves through the assessment, identification, coordination and provision of evidence based prevention, interception, and rehabilitation psychological, social, educational, and community supports to improve the public safety and both the resilience and the well-being of the at risk as well as the families and communities that are supporting them. Also, she lectures for the Introduction to Assessment course in the Clinical Psychology program, responsibilities include providing an overview of test theory, diagnostic interviewing, and the knowledge needed to administer, score, and interpret tests designed to assess cognitive and academic functioning for students in the course. In addition to developing the course materials and discussion points necessary to facilitate this learning, She will also be serving as a supervisor for the graduate students as they complete their first assessment cases.


  Business Mentor Team Listed below are businesses and universities  which  have made a commitment to mentor the college students and  Youth Outreach Services’ students on the path to transformation with purpose and destiny.

  1. David L. Wilson, McCrea Heating and Air Conditioning Services of Virginia, LLC
  2. Michael Miklich, Cyber Security
  3. Mr. K.C. Haile, Vice-President , The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
  4. Mr. Michael Foster, MTFA Architectures, Arlington, Virginia
  5. Faye S. Taxman, PhD., University Professor  with Department of Criminology, Law and Society and Director of George Mason University  Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence.

The College Student Mentors Northern Virginia Community College

Tyuan Paxton :  Visual Arts – Northern Virginia Community College

Student of the arts with interests in other fields dealing with self-expression. – Fitness – Singing – Music – Dance

Project Manager, Business Development George Mason University

Daniel Lavelle,  Project Manager,
Business Development
George Mason University,  Major in Psychology.