Entrepreneurship Training

Entrepreneurship Training Program

In lieu of enrolling in our Job Training Program, students will have the opportunity to enroll in the Entrepreneurship Training Program if they have decided that they would not want to enter into a vocation offered in the Job Training Program. Students who have graduated from the Job Training Program become eligible for enrollment, upon graduation.

The Entrepreneurship Training Program will provide students with all of the basic knowledge necessary for starting his or her own business. Students will learn the differences between different classifications of businesses and their purposes in operating a business. Students will receive a brief overview of business tax law. Students will be required to write a business plan. In doing so, students will learn why and how to perform market research. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to – register a business with the Virginia State Corporation Commission, register for an Employment Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service, register a business as a nonprofit organization and write an official business plan.

Youth Outreach Services has partnered with The George Mason University Social Entrepreneurship Society. The students of the Social Entrepreneurship Society will serve as adjunct instructors in the Entrepreneurship Training Program; where they will receive college credits in return for their services.


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