College Students attended workshops to help Reform Criminal Injustices

Phebe  Ciemny, Writer/Creative Poetry BFA shared an article in  GMU Rival; Rival grew to a staff of 50 students, received nearly half a million page views, and placed fourth in the largest collegiate business plan competition in the country.

Now, The Rival is revolutionizing student news and entertainment by connecting colleges and student voices across schools like never before. Formerly DC-based, the Rival’s multi-campus expansion now allows students all over the country to speak freely about their student experiences and college culture, explore creative styles, and share ideas in a whole new way.

Through the Rival, it gives students the opportunity to  become involved with   Youth Outreach Services’ Job readiness mentor /personal development program  for at-risk youth and young adults  who are social challenged by the criminal system.  The college students  have the opportunity to help mentor the students and teach the program to them.

Students  from Northern Virginia Community College  in Prince William County  attended the workshops.  They were excited about the opportunity to mentor, teach, and receive community services hours.  They also received free lunch.

Tyuan Paxton  and  Hasuan Fernandez

Tyuan Paxton, with a  Visual Arts Major,   says ” I want to share my love for music, dancing and fitness.”  Hasuan Fernandez, major  in Political  Science with an interest in social psychology says , ” I want to go into the juvenile detention centers to help share my knowledge because knowledge is powerful and it can set people free. ”

Youth Outreach Services has the opportunity to  attend The first meeting of the Department of Juvenile Justice Board, which  is scheduled for January 11th at 9:30 a.m. The Board will meet at the Main Street Centre, 600 East Main Street, Richmond, VA 23219 – 12th Floor Conference Room North to present our job readiness mentor/personal development  program.

We are hoping to have 100 college students as mentors/teachers in the academic areas of the arts,  psychology, criminology, sociology , business, and communication to become involved and to attend the Board meeting to show their support.  We want to revolutionize education opportunities in the criminal system and to stop the education pipeline to jail.

We are seeking college students  who are interested in the implementation of the program to meet during the winter break. Please e-mail me

Special thanks to April D. McMillan, Chief Executive Officer, Realtor Association of Prince William County for the use of the training rooms to do the workshops.