Youth Outreach Services Seeking Funding to Reduce Juvenile Recidivism

20140709_120946. Senator Colgan






Youth Outreach Services (YOS) is seeking funding to renovate a longstanding property into a non-traditional career center that provides employment, apprenticeship, career development and entrepreneurial training to youth transitioning from Prince William Juvenile Detention Center or the Molinari Juvenile Shelter. Youth Outreach Services met with Senator Charles J. Colgan, Democrat-District 29 to find out funding opportunities. Senator Charles J. Colgan suggested that YOS should attend a meeting at the General Assembly in Richmond, Virginia on August 19, 2014 to network with other organizations to obtain funding through a State-wide Block Grant. Attending this meeting were LaToya Cheatham (Social Worker, LCSW) James Doran, Youth Outreach Services summer intern from George Mason University and Elizabeth Charity, CEO and Founder of Youth Outreach Services.


2 thoughts on “Youth Outreach Services Seeking Funding to Reduce Juvenile Recidivism

  1. Elizabeth Charity, James Doran, and Tameka were invited to attend the Block Grant Sub Committee to listen to the testimonies from those who have benefit by the programs which were funded by the Federal Government. Senator Charles Colgan served as chairman of the subcommittee. Although Youth Outreach Services was not funded, Senator Colgan asked Elizabeth Charity to to speak about YOS. When she finished speaking Delegate Scott Lingamfelter advised the sub-committee that he planned to introduce a budget amendment on hehalf of Youth Outreach Services. The Honorable Judge Jane P. Delbridge endorsed Youth Outreach Services. She will act as an advisor to the program and participate in lessons about the law,how it is made and the teens and young adults responsibilities to it.

  2. Are you an investor seeking a way to invest your money into social cause to bring about positive social changes. Come and join Youth Outreach Services and become a part of the dream team with Purpose, Passion, Pride and Professionalism. We turn your $ into wealth and success. Are you tired of being in the rat race, continuing to climb the corporate ladder and finding yourself in chains and burden down with stress, selfishness, and greed. Youth Outreach Services is asking you to empower yourself as you empower others to help make another person’s dream come true.

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