Church News

Church ConnectionsMinistry in the Community took place on Saturday, September 21, 2014,   at Church on the Move, in Woodbridge, Virginia. There were the ” Big Yard Sale,” with other ministries and nonprofits participating. One of the nonprofits was Nehemiah House raising funds for the homeless populations and Church on The Move’s Youth Ministry, ” U-Turn Youth Ministry.”
Other outreach ministries were “Making Healthy Disciples,” Dawne Johnson, CEO and Terry O’Connor with Healing Room and Women at the Hem of His Garment Ministry.
I have a testimony to share how God used both ministries. Terry O’Connor took my blood pressure and it read 140/80. Dawne Horizons, “Making Health Disciples,” did her magic touch with ” Ministry, Massage, & More, ” and lower my blood pressure to 130/80. Praise the Lord, I highly recommend you to give Dawne Johnson a call today at 516-417-4687 and make an appointment to receive an anointed touch in the massage’s seat. She prays over you as she massages your neck and shoulders, releasing all of the tension and build up pressure which causes high blood pressure. Praise the Lord. By the words of our testimonies we are redeemed. Jesus is a healer.



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