Coffee, Donuts, Car Wash! Crown Jewel Detailers Kickoff

Crown Jewel Detailers Logo

This past Friday and Saturday, Youth Outreach Services held a kickoff event for the opening of the auto detailing shop. Even though we are in the process of renovating our facility, the auto detailing shop can operate because they utilize products which require no water in order to cleanse the vehicles. The Department Manager, Odell Smith, named the shop Crown Jewel Detailers. We were happy to have a graduate of our 12 Week Job Readiness Mentor Program, Eddie, on site to work with Odell and another volunteer, Ryan, in detailing the vehicles.

Crown Jewel Team

(from left to right) Eddie, Ryan and Odell

Eddie and Ryan

(from left to right) Eddie & Ryan Detailing a Car

Odell and Customer

Odell (left) and a Happy Customer

Customer's Vehicle

Customer’s Vehicle After Cleaning


In the initial stages, we plan to operate the waterless car wash on Fridays and Saturdays, with more weekdays being added as our renovations progress towards completion. We invite you to come out on Friday or Saturday to have your vehicle washed by our trained and qualified staff members. The shop opens on those days at 10:00 a.m. Every dollar that the auto detailing shop earns sustains the job training program in the auto detailing shop by providing the salaries, stipends and supplies to the participants and employees of the shop.


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  1. Hi, Youth Outreach Services,

    Your car detailing work is very good and in fact, it is the best car detailing and waxing work. We are also a car detailing service provider in Melbourne. So, we know which is the best work and which is the worst detailing work. So, keep doing the good work without harming the environment and wasting water when washing the car.

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