Youth Outreach Services Property Acquisition

We are pleased to announce that on Tuesday, November 26th, Youth Outreach Services closed on a $1.5 million property that is the future home its Nontraditional Career Center, located at 4291 Prince William Parkway in Woodbridge, Virginia. The acquisition of this property is just the start of transforming Youth Outreach Services from a virtual organization to a permanent fixture in youth outreach in the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC Metro area.

Elizabeth & Deed

CEO & Founder, Elizabeth Charity Holding the Deed

YOS staff and board members in attendance were – Account Executive – Clyde Forcer, Treasurer – David Burks, IT Specialist – Katrina Yancey and CEO & Founder – Elizabeth Charity. We were so excited and thankful to David Burks for bringing along his camera to capture this milestone; as this was a true blessing and an exciting start to the Thanksgiving holiday!

Closing Team

Left to Right – Clyde Forcer, Brian Castel, Randall Scruggs, Katrina Yancey, Elizabeth Charity

We would like to take the time to thank our gracious investor, Brian Castel from Restoration Capital for being in attendance. We would also like to thank our guardian angel, Randy Scruggs, who was our realtor from My Guardian Agent. The closing was held at Key Title in Ashburn, Virginia. We can’t wait to share with you the progress of our renovations, as we move forward.

YOS Property Closing

The YOS Team with the DaSilvas Family

Finally, we would like to thank the sellers, the DaSilvas family, for making this all possible. We thank God for the work that He has done in their family. This story is not just about a property acquisition; but, it is also one of family reconciliation. This acquisition reunited the DaSilvas family – and love and forgiveness has done its perfect work. We are overjoyed to have made friends with this family and look forward to our future relationship with them and watching their family relationship flourish.


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