Live Change

GMU Students Job readiness ProgramAlexander Powell, majoring in psychology,  is one of George Mason University students who attended Youth Outreach Services , ” Stop the Education Pipeline to Jail.”   He wants to mentor and implement the job readiness mentor/ personal development program to Youth Outreach Services clients.  Also in attendance were Samantha Singh, Phebe Ciemny , both from George Mason University and Kwasi Brobbey from Northern Virginia Community College. From the workshops, they created a  slogan describing  of how to stop the education pipeline to jail. It was Live Change, which means; lead, invent, venture , express change. They  are researching the statistics of recidivism  and helping to design the job readiness mentor program.  George Mason University Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence, as an expert in correctional program, will work closely with the program to integrate evidence-based practices and treatments.  George Mason University Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence provided $100,000.00 in kind support for guidance in evidence-based programming, quality assurance for program components and evaluation support. This is based on the contributions of Dr. Faye S. Taxman and her team of researchers. Samantha Singh  who major is in disciplinary studies , with a concentration in Law  is one of the students who will research the evidence-based practices and treatments. Phebe Ciemny, is the social media who will help report the research results to the local court system.  Kwasi Brobbery is majoring in business, who is helping to recruit businesses to come  and provide workshops to be air on Reality Education Television (RETV) for positive publicity   and be a part of the small business incubators in the non-traditional career center.   The students will  work with professionals to help design and build the non-traditional career center . The students have an opportunity to do a presentation on this project  at the State Department of Juvenile Justice on January 11, 2016 at 9:30 am, Main Street Centre, 600 East Main Street -12th Floor Conference Room North, Richmond, VA 23219.

GMU Students . Poster 1

Creating the Poster  for  Youth Outreach Services Program – Reducing Recidivism by Live Change.