Give to Lead, Invent, and Venture Express Change- Live Change


Business Social innovation is what our college students are doing to raise money to purchase property, design a building and build a non-traditional career center to create jobs and to help stop the education pipeline to jail in Virginia . Please review the video and help lead, invent, and venture to express change and live. Maybe you don’t have the time to mentor now, you don’t have the expertise in counseling, but you can give………

To help students in colleges across the state (  George Mason University, College of William and Mary, Virginia Commonwealth University, and  Howard University)  to become counselors and mentors . You can give on this website  or   you can give at

Our Teens are crying for Help  and they need the help, please read the article

Review the video and find out how universities and businesses are coming together to help make it happen .  Please hit the donation button below .  No amount is too small.  Thanks for helping us to LIVE.