RETV Voices in the Woods

Last month, Elizabeth Charity had the pleasure of interviewing the leadership of the organizations with whom Youth Outreach Services will be partnering with to provide community outreach – Nehemiah House and Saved Hands Foundation.

In “Voices in the Woods”, Ms. Charity interviews Daniel Evans and Robert Zanders from Nehemiah House. They share the origins of the Nehemiah House and the needs of those who are presently living within the woods of Prince William County, Virginia. These needs are not always physical, as Robert Zanders mentioned, the primary mission of Nehemiah House is to “restore dignity” to those who are homeless. Jessica Kong, expands upon this subject in Part Two of this episode.For more information on the Nehemiah House, or to learn how you may become involved through volunteering or financial support; they invite you to visit their website

Ms. Charity interviews Pamela Wright, CEO & Founder of Saved Hands Foundation and Jessica Kong, Mental Health Professional & Grant Services Provider for Nehemiah House.

Ms. Wright shares how she came to found Saved Hands Foundation and the services that it provides to the community. Saved Hands Foundation is slated to partner with Youth Outreach Services, to provide Career Development training services in conjunction with our 12 Week Job Readiness Mentor Program. To learn more about Saved Hands Foundation, visit their website at

Jessica Kong provided very valuable insight as to what those in the at-risk community may be facing in their attempt to live their lives. She discusses mental health from a practical perspective, as not all who suffer from stigmas are clinically diagnosed as with a mental health disorder.

We encourage you to visit their websites and search within your heart to find out how you can help these organizations fulfill their missions to those who need them the most.