RETV Voices in the Woods

Last month, Elizabeth Charity had the pleasure of interviewing the leadership of the organizations with whom Youth Outreach Services will be partnering with to provide community outreach – Nehemiah House and Saved Hands Foundation.

In “Voices in the Woods”, Ms. Charity interviews Daniel Evans and Robert Zanders from Nehemiah House. They share the origins of the Nehemiah House and the needs of those who are presently living within the woods of Prince William County, Virginia. These needs are not always physical, as Robert Zanders mentioned, the primary mission of Nehemiah House is to “restore dignity” to those who are homeless. Jessica Kong, expands upon this subject in Part Two of this episode. Continue reading


Creating Community Connections Update

We are so excited about our upcoming conference with Saved Hands Foundation! In fact, we wanted to share our poster with everyone. We are so blessed to have Nikea Marie, who we interviewed last month, bless us with live entertainment for our event.

Also, we have had the pleasure of being connected with an individual who shares our passion for helping the homeless – world champion boxer, William Joppy. William has formed an organization, Breakfast With Boxers, whose primary mission is providing meals and encouragement to the homeless community. Continue reading

“Giving a Job to the Homeless” Christmas Campaign RESULTS

Roger Brown at our future Nontraditional Career Center

Roger Brown at our future Nontraditional Career Center

Roger Brown and Robert

Roger (R) and crew member, Robert (L) removing debris from the facility.











We are so excited to share with you the results of our “Giving a Job to the Homeless” Christmas Campaign. We were in prayer about being able to provide employment to the homeless during the holiday season and our prayers were answered! Continue reading