Celebrating Lisa Kratz Thomas and Empowering our Youth for Success

From the Crack House to the State House VCU Social Entrepreneurs








Reality Education Television (RETV)  is networking with Youth Outreach Services to present Lisa Kratz Thomas’s story , her  struggles, victories, and transformation.  Lisa is a motivational speaker and an author.  “Lisa has given thousands of people the courage to transform their lives by sharing her own personal experience of recovery from drug addiction, alcohol abuse, prostitution and incarceration. Today, she is a successful entrepreneur, wife, mother and advocate for those who deserve a new beginning.” http://www.lisakratzthomas.com/

Lisa will be interviewed by college students across the state  and outer state about her life’s story. The students major are in law, criminology, sociology, psychology and some have had the opportunity to attend  Youth Outreach Services’ job readiness mentor program’s classes.  They are interns for Youth Corporation, Inc./ Youth Outreach Services and is teaching the job readiness mentor program to youth and young adults who are  challenged by the Social Justice System.

Come and be in the audience as we video tape Lisa’s story. You will have the opportunity to ask questions.  Donations are acceptable. Percentage of Proceeds will go toward opening a Mental Health Services and Drug Abuse Center in Woodbridge, Virginia  to help  education our students for success.  Your presence will make a difference.

We are seeking companies and business sponsorship. For your sponsorship, you will receive a 30 second commercial.   RETV is air on YouTube, Cox , Verizon, and Comcast television. Your commercial will air in the DMV area reaching over 2 million viewers.  The event will take place at Church on the Move (http://onthemove.org/) 13061  Touchstone Circle, Woodbridge, Virginia 22192, on Saturday, June 25, 2016,

Time: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm. There will be food, fellowship, music, and praise dancing. Please call Elizabeth Charity at 571-314-7503 with questions or concerns.


Using Art and Music as a Component in Healing

George Mason University allowed Youth Outreach Services to use the Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence (Department of Criminology, Law and Society) as a lab to assist in the research  study of the job readiness mentor program. This program  helps mentor  those who are challenged with social injustice and exiting the criminal  system.   It also provides  social, interpersonal and employment skills.  Youth Outreach Services partnered with political leader Senator  Jeremy McPike, various  businesses and the legal system to address the effectiveness of rehabilitating and providing employment to juvenile offenders  to reduce and eventually eliminate  recidivism .

Michael C. May was one of our special quest speaker on  establishing healthy relationships  when dealing with authority (www.albo-oblon.com/attorneys/michael-c-may).

Another special speaker was  Ms. Anne Sullivan, President of a woman-owned government relations business which specializes in the small business and entrepreneurial sector with offices in Washington, DC. and Virginia (http://www.madisonservicesgroup.com).
Our last session was on using  art and music as therapeutic healing.  Our special speaker was Ms. Kathleen  Miller, a biology professor at Strayer University , but her true passion  is art and music that brings forth transformation in people’s lives. She had he students undivided attention. Kahleen Miller Art Collections Kathleen Miller. Art Show
This class was the last of a five-week training session for college students to enter the juvenile detention centers to teach the full five-week program.
Students who played a major role in accomplishing this five-week program were as follows:  Marco Padilla Caceres who is a senior pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, was one of the students who attended the class. He said, “This class is a leadership class,” and he sees himself as a leader who can use his degree to help redesign the  way that juveniles think about themselves.  Samantha Singh, who is a law student and wants to help conduct surveys, gather data, research, and keep count of how many juveniles and young adults who participated  in the job readiness mentor program return to recidivism and how many will further their education, own business, and /or become employed.  Shonari James, is a  freshman at George Mason University who is majoring in public relations communications and minoring in business.  She is our video technician who takes education out of the class room and into the community through Reality Education Television (RETV).   Other students, whose pictures are not shown, are Phebe Ciemny who majors in Create writing,  Deshane Jones who majors in filming, and  Oladipo Victor Bashorun who is also a civic engineer student.  Stay tuned until next time as we bring forth transformation, healing and social changes.
Marco. 1Sam. 2Shonari James . Art Show

Special Speakers for Healing Our Communities Forum

Here are some of  the highlights of Healing Our Communities Forum : Target will have a table to pass out refreshments and  have individuals to sign up for seasonal jobs.  Janice Yohai will pass out literature to assist individuals to restore voting rights.  And Much Much Much More. Come and be a part of the movement ….. Healing Our Communities.

Healing Our Communities Forum

RETV Dennis Sobin, Safe Streets Arts Foundation

Elizabeth Charity interviews Dennis Sobin, the Director of Safe Streets Arts Foundation and a Classical and jazz guitarist. He has performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Safe Streets Arts Foundation and Youth Outreach Services are partnering to provide a Music and Art Show at George Mason University on the Fairfax Campus on April 28, 2014 from 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm. This is a Benefit Fundraiser to help raise money for scholarships for GMU Social Entrepreneurship Society’s members and for job training and job placement for ex-juvenile offenders and the homeless population.

This video was created and produced by George Mason Students . Special thanks goes to GMU students (Wassim and Trevor) at the Star-Lab, Taylor Brown for the editing and Indya Williams for the filming. Love you guys. You are awesome as you help me birth the George Mason University Social Entrepreneurship Society- bringing about social changes in the community.

RETV – “No Money Down”

In this episode of RETV, Elizabeth Charity is joined by Brittney Hill, President of the Social Entrepreneurship Society of George Mason University to interview Ronald Maierhofer, author of “No Money Down: How to Buy a Sports Franchise”. The GMU Social Entrepreneurship Society gives its student members the opportunity to get hands on experience in networking with local entrepreneurs, while building their resume. Another student, Indya Williams, taped the interview on location at George Mason University.

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RETV Sinners Anonymous

In this episode of RETV, host Elizabeth Charity interviews Charles Price II, creator of a new ground-breaking web series called “Sinners Anonymous”. Charles shares how he came up with the idea and what the premise of the show is. Elizabeth and Charles explain what it means to approach the Lord in “spirit and in truth”. We were excited to get an opportunity to speak with him to learn more about his web series and how he is striving to reach out to the youth, where they are. Be sure to watch to the end of the video for a trailer of “Sinners Anonymous”. Continue reading

RETV Voices in the Woods

Last month, Elizabeth Charity had the pleasure of interviewing the leadership of the organizations with whom Youth Outreach Services will be partnering with to provide community outreach – Nehemiah House and Saved Hands Foundation.

In “Voices in the Woods”, Ms. Charity interviews Daniel Evans and Robert Zanders from Nehemiah House. They share the origins of the Nehemiah House and the needs of those who are presently living within the woods of Prince William County, Virginia. These needs are not always physical, as Robert Zanders mentioned, the primary mission of Nehemiah House is to “restore dignity” to those who are homeless. Jessica Kong, expands upon this subject in Part Two of this episode. Continue reading

RETV – Elizabeth Charity Interviews Nikea Marie

Elizabeth Charity had the pleasure of interviewing Nikea Marie for this week’s episode of RETV (Reality Education Television). Nikea is a beautiful and talented young woman who shared her story of how she lived a chaste life, maintaining her virginity until she got married.

Nikea is not unique, as there are many young women who believe in what the Bible says about marriage. However, by her sharing her story, she is able to encourage other young women, and men, who may struggle with the reality of sexual temptation by showing them how an intimate relationship with God is sufficient. “Falling in love with Jesus is the best thing I’ve ever done”, Nikea sang.

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