RETV Sinners Anonymous

In this episode of RETV, host Elizabeth Charity interviews Charles Price II, creator of a new ground-breaking web series called “Sinners Anonymous”. Charles shares how he came up with the idea and what the premise of the show is. Elizabeth and Charles explain what it means to approach the Lord in “spirit and in truth”. We were excited to get an opportunity to speak with him to learn more about his web series and how he is striving to reach out to the youth, where they are. Be sure to watch to the end of the video for a trailer of “Sinners Anonymous”. Continue reading

RETV Voices in the Woods

Last month, Elizabeth Charity had the pleasure of interviewing the leadership of the organizations with whom Youth Outreach Services will be partnering with to provide community outreach – Nehemiah House and Saved Hands Foundation.

In “Voices in the Woods”, Ms. Charity interviews Daniel Evans and Robert Zanders from Nehemiah House. They share the origins of the Nehemiah House and the needs of those who are presently living within the woods of Prince William County, Virginia. These needs are not always physical, as Robert Zanders mentioned, the primary mission of Nehemiah House is to “restore dignity” to those who are homeless. Jessica Kong, expands upon this subject in Part Two of this episode. Continue reading

Calling All Ladies! Girl Talk Discussion Forum

We are so excited (when are we not excited, right?) to announce our latest event! LADIES, we want you to try your best to make it out to our discussion forum called Girl Talk. The topic of our forum is Wounded Hearts: Healing Our Wounds.

A panel of women will be discussing many common issues among women today – such as; interpersonal relationships, forgiveness, parenting (single or otherwise), love, self-esteem and more. But, this will not be just a bunch of women talking, we hope to see some real solutions to some real problems. We will use God’s Word to provide the deliverance and healing of the wounds. Continue reading

RETV – Elizabeth Charity Interviews Nikea Marie

Elizabeth Charity had the pleasure of interviewing Nikea Marie for this week’s episode of RETV (Reality Education Television). Nikea is a beautiful and talented young woman who shared her story of how she lived a chaste life, maintaining her virginity until she got married.

Nikea is not unique, as there are many young women who believe in what the Bible says about marriage. However, by her sharing her story, she is able to encourage other young women, and men, who may struggle with the reality of sexual temptation by showing them how an intimate relationship with God is sufficient. “Falling in love with Jesus is the best thing I’ve ever done”, Nikea sang.

Continue reading